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The Italian antimafia association Libera sheds light on crime in ports: "Politics still timid"

Libera, the italian Anti-Mafia Association, has prepared "Diario di bordo," a study on the activities of criminal groups in Italian ports. Criminal gangs don't just do drug trafficking: focus on counterfeiting, smuggling and waste trafficking.

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A technical shoe made using Pfoa, a substance capable of waterproofing the fabric. Photo by Noel Oviedo/Unsplash

An IARC study confirms that PFOAs are carcinogenic and toxic

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has published a document confirming the hazardous nature of perfluorooctanoic acid, which is used as a waterproofing coating for technical sportswear, leather and paper, among other things

Laura Fazzini

Laura FazziniGiornalista

'Ndrangheta, local roots and global opportunities

'Ndrangheta, local roots and global opportunities

The Calabrian Mafia remains rooted in tradition, but it is surviving and adapting in the Old Continent, as the Eureka investigation shows.

Anna Sergi

Anna SergiProfessoressa in Criminologia, University of Essex (Uk)

2007, San Luca. A group of women wait in the church for the coffins of Francesco Giorgi, Sebastiano Strangio and Marco Marmo, three of the victims of the Duisburg massacre in Germany (P. Cito/Ansa)

The Eureka investigation reveals the borderless business of the 'ndrangheta

The 'ndrangheta's business is mainly related to drug trafficking, and the dirty money is then used for economic activities in Italy and abroad

Francesco Donnici

Francesco DonniciGiornalista

Rome, July 2019. The ZTL gate in Via del Corso (Angelo Carconi/Ansa)

Cars and pollution: the absurd battle between limits and health

In major cities such as Rome and Milan, there are those who oppose the traffic restrictions needed to reduce smog levels. Italy has already been condemned by the European Court of Justice, but for some, health does not seem to be a priority

Ylenia Sina

Ylenia SinaGiornalista

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