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Istanbul, June 2023. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin together with the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Credits Epa/Ansa)

Italy and Turkey together for Euro 2032: more profits and less rights

On 10 October UEFA will decide where the next European football championships will be held. The two countries have close trade ties, but violations of fundamental freedoms are commonplace in Turkey

Marco Panzarella

Marco PanzarellaRedattore lavialibera

A Falco Xplorer, a drone produced by the Italian company Leonardo (Credits Leonardo)

Drones in Niger and radar in the Mediterranean: EU spends billions on high-tech borders

Two studies published by Statewatch and EuroMed Rights document European investment in border management. Money is being used to develop new technological solutions, but also to train African authorities, without regard for the rights of migrants …

Rosita Rijtano

Rosita RijtanoRedattrice lavialibera

Florence, 17 March 2023. Mayor Dario Nardella washes the paint thrown by the Ultima Generation activists on Palazzo Vecchio (Photo Press Office of the Municipality of Florence)

In Italy politicians want to punish environmentalists with disproportionate sentences

Two parliamentary proposals provide for prison sentences for those who deface works of art, monuments or public buildings. By the promoters' own admission, the aim is to directly target climate activists such as those of the Last Generation

Andrea Oleandri

Andrea OleandriResponsabile comunicazione di Antigone

The Nigerian activist Nnimmo Bassey (Flickr - Natur og Ungdom - CC BY-ND 2.0)

In Nigeria, Europe looks for oil and doesn't care about the environment

The oil company Shell has been taken to court by some local communities for damages caused by underground exploration. After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, European states are starved for fossil fuels, and Africa is the land to exploit. An …

Natalie Sclippa

Natalie SclippaRedattrice lavialibera

Young activists from the Libera association participate in a demonstration in memory of the migrants who died in the Cutro shipwreck

With its new law, the government of Giorgia Meloni will create a new army of irregular migrants, associations say

The government of Giorgia Meloni has made a decree that aims to prevent and combat illegal immigration but will create a new army of irregular immigrants by limiting special protection. Here's everything you need to know

Rosita Rijtano

Rosita RijtanoRedattrice lavialibera

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